Tips, Tricks and Resources

How to Level Up your Cosplay The dos and don'ts of cosplay.

Moondragon's headdress tutorial by me.

Jinx Wig Tutorial by me

How To Tie An Obi Instructions and pictures.

Wearing Wigs Got long hair but want to wear a wig?

Tips for Building Mascots When you want to be big and furry...

Bootcovers Made Simple How to make custom covers for shoes and boots.

Useful Sites

If there's one place that is indispensable for a cosplayer, it's Goodwill (or any other cheap secondhand store). You can find almost anything there if you look enough, and for dirt cheap. It's especially good for cheap shoes that you're going to cover up with fabric to make boots. ^_^

Dani's Cosplay Supplies Beads, buttons, leather, shoe supplies, feathers, paint, wigs, and anything else you could need.

Cosplay Tutorial A very large database of tutorials from all over the web. The main cosplay site. The forums here are good for getting advice and opinions.

Definitive How-To Costume & Prop Building - great how-to on vacuumforming plastic. Specializes in Star Wars costumes, but techniques can be applied to anything.

Proptology A great site on prop-making. Includes a detailed and very informative examination of different papier-maché techniques, (plus recipes and instructions), as well as instructions on how to simulate different metals, and suggested reading for aspiring prop-makers.

Folkwear Patterns A great source for hard-to-find or obscure patterns. You can find a proper kimono pattern here, unlike the ones available from Simplicity or other major pattern companies (which only offer kimono-ish generic robe patterns)

Anneliese's Fibers and Stuff SCAdian's site that has some truly excellent info and instructions on making historical Japanese clothing. An information, resource, and referral network for sewers.

Designer Fabrics One of the best fabric places in Toronto. Specializes in drapery and upholstery fabrics, has the biggest and most beautiful selection of brocades anywhere, and also has tons of great spandexes, sheers, silks and velvets.

G&S Dyes Fabric dyes and paints of all kinds, plus silk, supplies and info.

Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Library Photo archive of sci-fi and fantasy cons, including Worldcon and Costume-Con.

Costume-Con Visual Archive Official photos from all 30 years of Costume-Con

Dick Blick Art Supplies Tons of crafting and art supplies.

Immortal Geisha The best source of information on geisha and general kimono wearing on the net. Search the forums for any kimono info you need!

How to Enter (and Survive!) A Cosplay Masquerade A great rundown of everything to do and not to do before, during and after the Masq.

Aboveground Art Supplies If you're in Toronto and looking for art/crafting supplies, this is the place to go. They've got stuff for painting, sculpture, screenprinting, crafting, batik, drafting, and more.

Lee Valley Tools Words cannot express how much I love this place. They have the most incredible selection of high-quality woodworking tools, hardware, gardening supplies....everything you could possibly need. My personal recommendations: the Japanese crosscut saws, my beloved pushknife, and the microplane wood rasp.

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