Lipumira - MAPS

Worn at: Anime North '01, Anime North '02, Dragon*Con '02

This is a pretty simple costume. I don't remember the specific reason I originally wanted to do this one, but it probably had something to do with the sheer brazenness of it all. ^_^ A couple of people at North commented that they'd thought it was one costume nobody would ever have the guts to do...*lol*

For ANorth '01 I had the top jewel-thing on the wrong side...and then the next year I get the jewel on the proper side, but wrap the leg-ribbon on the wrong leg. That's what I get for getting into costume without bringing character reference...*sigh*

There's one question everybody asks about this costume, and the answer is double-sided tape. It's the only thing that keeps me in this costume, and while it can sting a bit when I take off the costume, it can't be beat for keeping me PG-rated. XD

Sewn Bits: The ribbon is handmade from red satin, with piping along the edges. I made the bikini bottom out of some red spandex I had lying around.

Jewel things: I made a 'mold' out of plasticene into the shape I wanted, then put papier-mache over it. I had to take them off the mold after only a couple layers in order to preserve the shape, and unfortunately this resulted in a bit of warping. Oh well...

Boots: I bought white pumps at Goodwill for $8, then made satin boot covers. They are attached to the pumps with shoemaker's glue and have a zipper up the back.

Hair: The wig was bought and styled; unfortunately the spiky bits at the back kept drooping. The red hair thingies were made of FIMO and glued to a clear plastic headband.

posing in front of the snack bar posing in the hallway here you can see the boots I worked so hard on...^_^ in the dealer's room ditto At AN02, minus eartails At AN02, minus eartails At AN02, minus eartails At Dragoncon At Dragoncon At Dragoncon, in the Art Room

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