About Me

name:   Maral Agnerian
nicknames:   Herself the Elf, Sarcasm-hime, Yousei-chan, Elf-chan, Elfie, Zelphone
marital status: happily married to a hopeless techie gamer...x.x;
things I hate:   stupid people, people who act like experts when they don't know anything, sexist jerks, religious fanatics, Dr. Laura, Ann Coulter, American tea-partiers....actually, all of those fall under 'stupid people'. Never mind.
hobbies:   collecting and wearing kimono, choral singing (soprano), costuming, bellydance (Egyptian cabaret and Tribal styles)
weaknesses:   Beads, rabbits, fancy textiles, historical clothing, silver, moonstone, embroidery.
what i do for a living:   Jewelry/accessories designer, freelance illustrator and costumer.
affiliations:   member of American Cosplay Paradise & Cosplay.com; staff at Anime North; member of the International Costumers' Guild

favourite foods:     

  • Japanese - soba, chirashi-don, wakame salad, onigiri, ochazuke
  • Armenian (it's what I grew up with) - sarma (similar to Greek dolmades), mante, madzoun kefta
  • Moroccan - chicken tajine, couscous
  • Veggies - broccoli, eggplant, spinach, cauliflower, zucchini, GARLIC!
  • Beverages - lots and lots of tea (earl grey, jasmine, mint, green, genmai), mango juice, carrot juice, cranberry juice, soy milk, taro milk bubble tea
  • Booze - Amaretto, Bailey's, Strongbow (cider)

favourite authors:
      Elizabeth Hand, Tanya Huff, Robin McKinley, Mercedes Lackey (older stuff only), A.S. Byatt, Jane Yolen, Lloyd Alexander, Patricia McKillip, Nancy Springer, Connie Willis, Susanna Clarke, George R. R. Martin

all-time favourite comics:
      Sandman (Brief Lives especially), Black Orchid (original), Books of Magic (original), Elfquest (original series), Watchmen, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Promethea, Strangers in Paradise
what I'm reading now:
      Kabuki, Blade of the Immortal, Astro City, Birds of Prey, Legion, Girl Genius, Finder, Powers

favourite music:
      I listen to a hell of a lot of stuff, from medieval to industrial to j-pop to scandinavian folk-rock. Pretty much the only things I don't listen to are heavy metal, really skanky/overprocessed R&B, reggae, and country.
what I'm listening to now:
      Niyaz, Vas, Tarkan, Imogen Heap, Tori Amos, Buck-Tick, Kokia, Akino Arai, Maaya Sakamoto, Gackt, Pizzicato Five, Yungchen Lhamo, Happy Rhodes, Hedningarna, Mylène Farmer, The Sisters of Mercy, Khaled, Angélique Kidjo, Sheila Chandra, Ayumi Hamasaki, Moist, various anime mp3s & soundtracks. Also a hell of a lot of middle-eastern music, from Algerian or Egyptian pop to classic bellydance music.

'puter games:
      RPGs and world-building games like Civilization (although I always get bored as soon as I hit the 1700s or so, coz then everything's been explored and it's just politics and war). I love games where I get to explore and figure out things. What really got me hooked was the Sega game Phantasy Star.